Film/TV Demos - NYC area

Actors who have a well-done montage of their Film/TV acting gigs for promoting their acting talent to Industry Professionals. 

Suggested Parameters:

  • head-shot shown quickly at the beginning (optional)
  • each scene should be labeled with the project and actor's name/phone.
  • should be no more than 2:00 minutes
  • showcases the actor, not others.
  • moves from one scene to another quickly
  • last screen showing contact info

Actors: 9
Latest Activity: May 19, 2014

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DeBeck, David
Lyons, Ian - (05-2016)
Moriarty, Richie - comedic (04-2015)
Stanley, Edward
Storey, Jay (06-2014)
Wilcox, James - (04-2015)

Cooke, Debra Lord - dramatic
Lauren, Perri - dramatic
Non Union


Rhodes, Brad



Dempsey, Lisa - comedic (01-2015)
Dempsey, Lisa - dramatic (01-2015)
Legge, Corrie - (03-2015)

Sage, Linnea - dramatic

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